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How to run a pytest test for each item in a list
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How to run a pytest test for each item in a list
I have the below pytest code as part of DSS. In general it's really simple: It gets list of scenarios:

and checks for the ones who starts with the word TEST

import dataikuapi

import pytest

def test_check_scenario_exist(params):

    client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(params['host'], params['api'])

    client._session.verify = False

    project = client.get_project(params['project'])

    scenarios = project.list_scenarios()

    test_scenario = False

    for scenario in scenarios:

        if scenario["name"].startswith("TEST"):

            test_scenario = True

    assert test_scenario, "You need at least one test scenario (name starts with 'TEST_')"
The problem is in case there are more than one scenario, it is still consider it as one test, and I want to treat each item in the list as a single test, so at the end I will get 2 results (assuming I had 3 scenarios and 2 of them starts with TEST).
I tried to follow these threads, but no luck:

any suggestions on how to implement it correctly?
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