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Regular expression: cannot find 1st number in a string
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Regular expression: cannot find 1st number in a string

Here is test string:
aaa = '   2jhjh 890 jjk'
Here is how I try to find 1st number in aaa (2 in this case):
bbb = re.match('\d', aaa)
What I finally get:
>>> type(bbb) <class 'NoneType'>
Any suggestions ?

Here is a solution using search:

bbb ='\d', aaa).group()
So, match can't be used for this task ?
Correct. Let's look at the description of match.

Quote:match(pattern, string, flags=0)
Try to apply the pattern at the start of the string, returning
a Match object, or None if no match was found.

match() is as if your pattern has an implicit ^ anchoring to the beginning of the string. search() doesn't and can look elsewhere in the string.
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