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convert set to a list type in python
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convert set to a list type in python
hi everyone so i am scraping amazon website, but having trouble to turn every absolute link into a list type? what am i doing wrong.. I am only getting one link as there are 16 links on one page.

from requests_html import HTMLSession

import time

import pandas as pd

s = HTMLSession()

r = s.get("")


Everything = r.html.find("div.s-include-content-margin.s-border-bottom.s-latency-cf-section")

for e in Everything:

links = e.find("a.a-link-normal.a-text-normal")[0].absolute_links

t = list(links)


[Image: AZ1.png]
Quote:convert set to a list type in python
>>> hh = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10}
>>> type(hh)
<class 'set'>
>>> hh = list(hh)
>>> type(hh)
<class 'list'>
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