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tkinter -- after() method and return from function -- (python 3)
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tkinter -- after() method and return from function -- (python 3)
If I needed someone to enter a password I would use a dialog, a separate window. When the password entry is done I close the window. If my program needs multiple views, I make multiple views (frames) that are mapped or unmapped. depending on which controls are currently in use. I almost never change the controls in a view and I don't remember the last time I ever deleted a control. I may unmap a control (usually I unmap a frame), but I never delete. I'll probably need it later.
I think you are having a problem deleting your button because you don't have a handle to the button. You provide this example:
And in an earlier example this:
button_ok = Button(root, text="OK", width=7, pady=8, command=check_passcode, state=DISABLED).place(x=655, y=140)
Guess what, button_ok is None!

When you call Button() followed by .place() as in Button(root, text="OK"...).place(x=655, y=140) the thing returned is None. This is because the place() function returns none. I cannot tell you how many times I see this error in this forum. If you want to keep the a reference to the button, you need to split the creation and the place.
button_ok = Button(root, text="OK", width=7, pady=8, command=check_passcode, state=DISABLED), y=140)
And to remove a button you should use forget_pack() to remove it from view, then you can use destroy() if you will never use it again, or keep it around and use pack or place or whatever to make it visiable.
Yes you are right.I understand.I made this mistake in the past(with place() ).
Also I agree with you,maybe a dialog is a good idea for my password function.
I have been using tkinter for about 2 weeks.
Thank you so much Cool

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