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Pyinstaller 4.2 produced exe containing viruses ?
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Pyinstaller 4.2 produced exe containing viruses ?
I recently updated my old python vers and latest version and also latest python packages.
Now when I use Pyinstaller 4.2 (latest version installed with pipenv) to create a single exe file
then windows defender is detecting alot of these exe's as containing a trojan virus 'Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.DC!ml'
or some slight variation on it (Wacatac.DA!ml) and it wont let me run them and is deleting them.
I uploaded some of exe's to website to check and about 26 out of the 60 virus scanners they use
detected various types of viruses. What's going on ,what should I do ? I read about similar problems by others
about pyinstaller produced exe. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Pyinstaller 4.2 produced exe containing viruses ? - by kevpython - Feb-19-2021, 05:49 PM

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