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Pyinstaller 4.2 produced exe containing viruses ?
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Pyinstaller 4.2 produced exe containing viruses ?
I recently updated my old python vers and latest version and also latest python packages.
Now when I use Pyinstaller 4.2 (latest version installed with pipenv) to create a single exe file
then windows defender is detecting alot of these exe's as containing a trojan virus 'Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.DC!ml'
or some slight variation on it (Wacatac.DA!ml) and it wont let me run them and is deleting them.
I uploaded some of exe's to website to check and about 26 out of the 60 virus scanners they use
detected various types of viruses. What's going on ,what should I do ? I read about similar problems by others
about pyinstaller produced exe. Thank you in advance for any help.
Highly unlikely that pyinstaller created the virus. Most likely it was lurking on your system and attached itself to the .exe. However this should be reported to the authors of pyinstaller who's data can be found on Pypi here: or by looking at the Homepage here:
It's well know that some antivirus software raise false positive with exe created from pyinstaller
and many more
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I'm using pipenv so I created a new clean virtual environment and installed an earlier version of pyinstaller in there (4.1)
Then I created an exe from a hello world script. The produced exe at least wasn't complained about by my local windows defender and it reported no threats detected when scanned , I then checked it on Virustotal website against thier 60 virus scanners and at least 15 of them came up with various trojans threats detected even the microsoft one hosted there (but my up to date local windows defender said it was clean) . I don't know what to make things (so I test some older pyinstaller produced exe's from a few years ago that I made on another system and these also get a few trojan threats detected when uploaded to virustotal (but only 10 or so now). I don't really know what to do about this, it doesn't make for good confidence in any distributable exe's you create if they are going to be flagged as trojans to recipients Shifty.
Could someone else check please and tell me what results they get for a pyinstaller 4.1 or 4.2 produced hello world exe on virustotal site.
thank you in advance

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