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Text color (ascii) in a dictionary
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Text color (ascii) in a dictionary
Hello everyone.

In this code:
spots = {1: '1', 2: '2', 3: '3'}
spots[1] = '\033[93mONE\033[0m'

why the color only applies to the first print line and the dictionary item does not read the color code?
ONE #this is colored(yellow) {1: '\x1b[93mONE\x1b[0m', 2: '2', 3: '3'}
I'm using VSCode on windows 10
x = '\033[93mONE\033[0m'
print(x.__str__(), x.__repr__())
[color=#F1C40F]ONE[/color] '\x1b[93mONE\x1b[0m'
You are seeing the difference of how print() prints a unicode string using __str__() and __repr__(). __str__() is a "pretty" way to print that is meant for output. __repr__() is more for debugging. If your program crashes and the error trace displays values, you want to see them in a more raw form, and that is what __repr__() is for. The dict class author decide that when you print a dictionary you want to see the more raw values.
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