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How do I split the output?
Quick and easy question, I am sure. I am creating two lists and then taking one item from each list to create a separate list. When I run the program the output doesn't come out as two different items, only in one item. How do I split the output into two items? It outputs "ESPFender" right now and I want "ESP" "Fender". Thank you!

fave_guitars = ["ESP", "Breedlove", "Ibanez"]
bad_guitars = ["Gibson", "Fender", "Jackson"]

fave_and_least = fave_guitars[0] + bad_guitars[1]

# Join elements with a space (nice for a long list)
fave_and_least = " ".join(fave_guitars[0], bad_guitars[1])
# Just toss in a space
fave_and_least = fave_guitars[0] + " " + bad_guitars[1]
# Use a f-string for formatting and have a space between the elements
fave_and_least = f"{fave_guitars[0]} {bad_guitars[1]}"
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Thank you very much!

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