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tkinter get function
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tkinter get function

I have the below code. What i want it to do is that when the button is clicked it outputs what is in the two entry boxes. However when I press the button nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

import tkinter as tk

window = tk.Tk()

label = tk.Label(text="Type Below", fg="white", bg="black", width=10, height=5)

user_label=tk.Label(text="Username", fg= "white", bg="black", width=25, height=5)
pass_label=tk.Label(text="Password", fg= "white", bg="black", width=25, height=5)

username_1=tk.Entry(fg="blue", bg="green", width=50)
username_1.grid(row=1, column=1)
password_1=tk.Entry(fg="blue", bg="green", width=50)
password_1.grid(row=2, column=1)

def clicked():
    print (username)

button=tk.Button(text="Click", fg="white", bg="blue", width=25, height=5, command="clicked")

Many Thanks,

On line 25, should you really be passing the string "clicked", or your function?
(Mar-02-2021, 03:51 PM)ndc85430 Wrote: On line 25, should you really be passing the string "clicked", or your function?

MEant to be the function, a silly mistake by me. Everything is now working, thanks!

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