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tkinter button image
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tkinter button image
Hello.I have the following image inside a button and I want to cut the regional white color.How can I do it?
I also have (activaforefound = activebackfround = bg) of button = "black" = window color
See icon

Have you tired using bd = 0 to remove the border around the button?
What do you want to achieve? Do you just want to change the white part to some other color, or do you want to move it around. Can you edit the image file?

I would edit the image file using some sort of paint program. I would fill the white part with blue, and set the transparency layer so that the only opaque part is the blue oval. Then you could move the white part around by creating a filled circle (or using another image) and drawing over the top of the blue oval.
This white rectangular is not from my image but from the button.I also tried bd =0 but nothing happened. I just want to remove it.I don't want to see this white rectangular
Its the border. Bash is right, set the border width to zero

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