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How can I pass&return ndarray between python and c++?
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How can I pass&return ndarray between python and c++?
I have some questions about python c extension. I want to pass ndarray from python to c++, do some job to change the values in this ndarray, and then return to python code(and then I'll do some more job in python code using 'a'). I use windows 10 64bit, python 3.7.6 32bit, visual studio 2019.

Here I attached some part of my code, but it works only once, even if there is a for loop to run cfunc n times. Also returned value have some problem (I don't know exactly, I cannot see nor plot the returned array.)

* python code
import cModule

for i in range(0,n):
 print(a[i]) # it works only once and doesn't do anything in the second loop. It just become silent and finished the code without any error nor warning message.
 some_value, a = cModule.cfunc(a, ...)
* c++ code
#include <Python.h>
#include <numpy\ndarraytypes.h>
#include <numpy\ndarrayobject.h>
#include <numpy\arrayobject.h>

int cfunc(double* a, ...)
... // Do some job to change a

static PyObject* cfunc_translate(PyObject* self, PyObject* args)
PyArrayObject* a_py;
double* a;

if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "O", &a))
 return NULL;

a = (double*)a_py->data;

int length_a = 512*512;

int some_value = cfunc(a);

npy_intp dims[1];
dims[0] = 1;
PyObject* a_return = PyArray_SimpleNewFromData(length_a, dims, NPY_DOUBLE, a); // This part doesn't work from the 2nd loop in the python code. Or if I try to see the elements in 'a', it just become silent and finished the code without any error nor warning message.


return Py_BuildValue("iO", some_value, a_return);
Probably 'a' is distorted in some way when I return the value. But I don't know how can I solve this problem. (Returned a is also ndarray.) Please let me know if you have any idea or need further information.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes, JESuh

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