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cursor.execute: How to insert dynamic number in a string?
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cursor.execute: How to insert dynamic number in a string?
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Thank you @buran !
Your hint does the trick! Problem solved.
My altered source code for people who want to know the solution:

# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
# "Artikelnummer" as a string
conn = pymssql.connect(server="server" , user="mustermann", password="passwort")
cursor = conn.cursor()
cursor.execute("""SELECT convert(NVARCHAR,b.[Posting Date],104) as Datum
	   ,b.[Posting Date]
	   ,a.[No_] as Artikel#
	    ,b.[Document No_]
		,b.[Entry Type]
		,"Vorgang" =
	      when [Entry Type]=0 then 'Einkauf'
		  when [Entry Type]=1 then 'Verkauf'
		  when [Entry Type]=2 then 'Zugang'
		  when [Entry Type]=3 then 'Abgang'
		  when [Entry Type]=4 then 'Umlagerung'
		  when [Entry Type]=5 then 'Verbrauch'
		  when [Entry Type]=6 then 'Istmeldung'
		  when [Entry Type]=7 then 'N.N'
		  when [Entry Type]=8 then 'Verbrauch für Montage'
		  when [Entry Type]=9 then 'Montage-Istmeldung'
		,cast(round(b.[Quantity],2,2) as real) as Menge
      ,[Base Unit of Measure]
      ,cast(round([Unit Cost],2) as real) as 'EuroProEinheit'
      ,cast(round([Lot Size],2,2) as real) as Losgröße
      ,cast(round([Safety Stock Quantity],2,2)as real) as Sich_Bestand     
      ,[Blocked Purchase]
FROM [Mustermann].[dbo].[Mustermann_GmbH$Item] as a
   LEFT JOIN [Mustermann].[dbo].[Mustermann_GmbH$Item Ledger Entry] AS b ON a.No_ = b.[Item No_]
   LEFT JOIN [Mustermann].[dbo].[Mustermann_GmbH$Vendor] as Lieferant on a.[Vendor No_] = Lieferant.No_
   where a.No_ like %s""", Artikelnummer)
#                   ^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
#  format and the variable Artikelnummer again

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