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Running latest Python version on the Terminal (MAC)
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Running latest Python version on the Terminal (MAC)
Hi all,

on my Terminal on Mac I've got Python 2.7.16.

(I had an issue: if I do 5 / 2 on Python 2.7.16 it returns 2 while Python on Repl returns 2.5)

I'd like to update it to the latest version and therefore solve this issue.

So, I downloaded the latest version.

I followed the installation process and everything was smooth.

But when I run "python" again on the Terminal I still see Python 2.7.16.

How can I run the latest Python version on my Terminal?
Try to run "python3". Does that work?
Amazing, it works :)

I was running "python" on the Terminal.

If I run "python3" it works.

Thanks a lot :)
Also look at The right and wrong way to set Python 3 as default on a Mac
Cool, sure I'll have a look

Thank you very much :)

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