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Python Google maps API -> GUI tkinter
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Python Google maps API -> GUI tkinter
Hello guys.I have a question.How can I integrate Google Maps API in a Python GUI? (for example inside a label)
Why not use a browser?
I use a browser,but I'm thinking that if I have this map inside my GUI would be better.So?
Why not write the gui to run in a browser?
I don't want to open multiple windows.Is there a link in order to help me ?
What I am trying to say, unsuccessfully so far, is why not make your program run in a browser. Each time I write a standalone application these days I wonder if it should be my last. Browsers are amazingly powerful and flexible, and the tools for developing web apps are far better than those available for standalone apps. Maybe you should stop wasting your time writing GUI programs using a crappy toolkit from the early 90's and learn something that an employer would view as an asset.
Ooo,now I understand what you mean.But, how can I do it using python(only)?Is there any links to help me start?
There is a ton of web development based on Python tools. Why do you think there is "Web Scraping and Web Development" section on the forum? Go take a look to get a sense for what Python tools are being used for web based programming. You might want to look under the "Tutorials" section also.
pyqt5, wxpython both have a html widgets. It's been a while but I was using folium easy python map creation to create maps and play, it uses a browser and internet connection.
Hello again.I 'm wondering(again) if I can make a html file to create google map and add it inside a label (in tkinter)
I just want to tell me if can be done (and if yes,how can I do it).

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