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How to handle the authentication for Apps within OneLogin?
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How to handle the authentication for Apps within OneLogin?
My company uses Office 365 within OneLogin. Therefore I need to log in to OneLogin first then sign into Office 365 (OneDrive). My question is how do I do the authentication for this in Python? I want to read the excel file stored in OneDrive directly. I tried to retrieve the data directly using python requests module with HTTPBasicAuth and HttpNtlmAuth only to get error 403.

I have checked about Python-saml. However, I am not sure this is what I need. This seems more like create a server for OneLogin using Python. I have asked on the Microsoft forum about this problem but they say this is more Python related. What is the correct approach for doing this?
I have not find a good way to solve my issue. However, I have achieved my goal using another approach. This is by using Selenium automation. So I open chrome_webdriver, access my company link, and click and log with username and password like a real human. If anyone has another way please let me know.

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