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looking for someone to partner with me on a project
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looking for someone to partner with me on a project
Hi friends. I'm from Turkey. I have a project and I am looking for a data scientist who can collaborate with me on the project. There is a prop trading firm in the USA. It invests in strategies that meet certain risk parameters. There is a strategy that I have developed, and it meets the conditions the company wants. I have spoken to the company on this issue many times. The strategy needs to be translated into the python language and run on a backtest platform of the company. Then a "Score Card" is created on the platform. Here, the company wants you to create this score card and contact them. They then sign a partnership agreement with you and fund your strategy. You get a profit share from this fund. I am not a data scientist and I have zero coding knowledge. I'm just a finance expert. For me, I am looking for someone who can translate strategy python language and run it on the company's platform. For this, the profit to be given by the company will be a partner. and as my partner whose name will be mentioned in the contract. If interested, please contact me.
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Dear, Are you open for independent contractors? We have some very bright minds in our data science and engineering team.

we can move this conversation to email, [email protected]

Chat soon!
Hi ,
I am interested to collaborate
Please share brief via PM


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