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ERROR: importing desired module
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ERROR: importing desired module
Hello Folks! I have written code to fetch secrets from Azure KeyVault (no knowledge of azure is required for this issue Smile ). For this I installed azure-keyvault-secrets package. So after writing code for the same I am getting this error:

[Image: Capture_xulrrh.png]

I added print(sys.path) to see the paths interpreter is looking for the package. So what I found is interesting, say we have two paths A and B. 'A' contains package Azure.keyvault.secrets but 'B' contains only azure.keyvault. But weirdly python interpreter is looking for package only in path 'B' and not in 'A'. So I coped paste secrets folder from 'A' to 'B' in azure/keyvault folder and code is working fine. Can anybody help me with this issue?
Larz60+ write Apr-05-2021, 10:20 PM:
When posting errors, please use bbcode error tags, Refer to BBCode.
Also, post the entire and unaltered error traceback as it contains valuable debugging information.

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