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I am trying to space the registration forms using css. But it is not working.
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I am trying to space the registration forms using css. But it is not working.
Can someone explain how to fix it? I am using python flask and wtf forms.

link to wtf forms


from wtforms import Form, BooleanField, StringField, PasswordField, validators
# what does Form do
class RegistrationForm(Form):
    username = StringField('Username', [validators.Length(min=2, max=25)])
    email = StringField('Email', [validators.Length(min=4, max=25)])
    password = PasswordField('New Password', [
    validators.EqualTo('confirm', message='Passwords must match')

    confirm_password = PasswordField('Repeat Password')


    display: block;

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title> register </title>
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="register.css"/>
        <form action="/register" id="register_forms"  method="POST">
       fields/16379203 -->        
            <label for="username">
            <label for="email">

            <label for="password">  
            <label for="password_form">
                Confirm Password
                <input type = "button"  Submit value = "Submit" >

output of the code imgur link


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