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Parse String between 2 Delimiters and add as single list items
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Parse String between 2 Delimiters and add as single list items
Hi all.

I`ve got a big string that contains multiple different data. The dataitems are seperated by {data}

I want to grab the data between theese 2 delimiters { and } and add them as a single item to another list.

i was using the code.
file = open('csdb.rss',mode='r')
 # read all lines at once
all_of_it =
data = []
data.append( re.findall(r'\{({^}}*)\}', all_of_it))
but this didnt work and added the whole content as just one list item. How should i call it parser correctly ? or as alternative read the file and parse it while reading and then append to the list as items ?

a sample sting is like :

{"name":"Freaky Fish DX +3PD [retailversion]","id":"202669","category":0,"group":"Onslaught","year":2021,"handle":"Shocker,Bieno64,Didi,Jazzcat","rating":0,"updated":"2021-04-07","released":"2021-04-06"},{"name":"Mimizuku Saga 10","id":"202614","category":0,"group":"Commocore","year":2021,"handle":"Bago Zonde","rating":0,"updated":"2021-04-07","released":"2021-04-05"},{"name":"Big Time Bugger","id":"202613","category":0,"group":"Commocore","year":2021,"handle":"Bago Zonde","event":"Cassette 50 Charity Competition","rating":0,"updated":"2021-04-05","released":"2021-03-30"}

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Parse String between 2 Delimiters and add as single list items - by lastyle - Apr-11-2021, 09:24 PM

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