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Sort List of Lists by Column
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Sort List of Lists by Column
Hello all,
I am working on a small Python project and need some help.
I have a CSV file that is structured as follows:

Nr, Name, weight , height, with
112,Aerified, 41.70, 256.99, 141.01
656, Zoolab, 66.64, 108.44, 269.53

There are 10.000 randomly generated rows und the file.

Now I want to sort this file according to a selected column and output it.
For this I don't want to use methods but solve it with an algorithm.
For this I first imported it with pandas and then converted it to a list (hoping to be able to process it better):

frame = pd.concat(li, axis=0, ignore_index=True)
products_list = frame.values.tolist()
That has also worked so far.
I have already tried it with a bubble sort:
def sort(product_list):

  for passnum in range(len(product_list)-1, 0, -1):
     for i in range(passnum):
        if int(product_list[i][2]) > int(product_list[i+1][2]):
            temp = product_list[i]
            product_list[i] = product_list[i+1]
            product_list[i+1] = temp
  return product_list
The I wanted to sort in this case after the 3rd column . But unfortunately it does not work.
Do you have any other ideas?
Your first snippet doesn't define li, so I'm not completely sure of what format you have.

Without that or other information, we don't know what "does not work" means. Does it error, does the sort seem wrong? Please give inputs that show what is wrong. When I tried it, it seemed to work. The given data is already sorted on the third column.

That said:
  • You don't need temp variables to swap items. You can instead assign them at the same time like:
    product_list[i], product_list[i+1] = product_list[i+1], product_list[i]
  • Is there a reason you are converting the numbers to int()? As they have decimals, I could see float() if you were converting from text. But otherwise you are losing precision.

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