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Eliminating error in Python update-alternatives
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Eliminating error in Python update-alternatives
I made an error when typing this code:

 sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python3 python /usr/bin/python2.7 1
Obviously, I do not want to that. It create issues like this:

[email protected]:/home/james# python -V Python 2.7.17 [email protected]:/home/james# python3 -V Python 2.7.17
I clearly do not want my default python to be python 2.7.17, nor do I want python3 to be python 2.7.17.

So my question is how do I correct or eliminate this error?

I have tried some things, but none of them seem to work.


delete current version of python,
then reinstall following this tutorial (update version to what you want, current is 3.9.2)
[Part-1]Linux Python 3 environment
[Part-2]Python environment Windows

A better solution is to use pyenv, see:

pyenv Simple Python Version Management
I should have said that this Ubuntu is running as an app in Windows 10. The error was made in the Ubuntu app in Windows 10. I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 from the MS store. I already have an environment of some sort in python then. But, I agree it is best to start over.

So how do I uninstall Ubuntu from Windows 10? It is being treated as a Windows 10 app. So do I just uninstall it as I would any app?

Is that the way to do it?



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