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How to save json data in a dataframe
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How to save json data in a dataframe
When I am using the api, the data is coming in json format and I want to save all this data in dataframe.
import json
import requests

hostname = ""

  response = requests.get(hostname)
  # extract JSON payload of response as Python dictionary
  json_payload = response.json()
  # raise an Exception if we encoutnered any HTTP error codes like 404 
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as e: 
  # handle any typo errors in url or endpoint, or just patchy internet connection
except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as e:  
  # handle HTTP error codes in the response
  print(e, json_payload['error'])
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:  
  # general error handling
  print(e, json_payload['error'])
  json_payload = response.json()
  print(json.dumps(json_payload, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
data = json.loads(test)
df = pd.json_normalize(data['geomagnetic-field-model-result'])

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