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Bool Object is not Subscriptable
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Bool Object is not Subscriptable

I want to compare string and bool.
Here is my function:
def MyFunction(qbt, Pauli):
    if qbt.QEO.state[0]=='Bell':

    elif qbt.QEO.state==False: qbt.QEO.state=False 
       raise NotImplementedError("Unknown State")  
    return  qbt.QEO.state    
However if my state is False, I cannot compare 'Bell' and False and I have this error:

Bool Object is not Subscriptable
It is probably because of this line:
if qbt.QEO.state[0]=='Bell'
If my state is False, then I cannot compare False and 'Bell'. How to solve this error?
What are the possible value types of state, in the above sample state is a bool, not a list so you cannot index it.
You might need to find out what type of value you're dealing with first.

This line is redundant
elif qbt.QEO.state==False: qbt.QEO.state=False 
if state is False then set state to False

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