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Pandas DataFrame combine rows by column value, where Date Rows are NULL
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Pandas DataFrame combine rows by column value, where Date Rows are NULL
Scenerio: Parse the PDF Bank statement and transform into clean and formatted csv file.

What I've tried: I manage to parse the pdf file(tabular format) using camelot library but failed to produce the desired result in sense of formatting.


import camelot
import pandas as pd

tables = camelot.read_pdf('test.pdf', pages = '3')

for i, table in enumerate(tables):

tables = camelot.read_pdf('test.pdf', flavor='stream', pages = '3')

columns = df.iloc[0]

df.columns = columns
df = df.drop(0)

for c in df.select_dtypes('object').columns:
    df[c] = df[c].str.replace('$', '')
    df[c] = df[c].str.replace('-', '')

def convert_to_float(num):
        return float(num.replace(',',''))
        return 0

for col in ['Deposits', 'Withdrawals', 'Balance']:
    df[col] = df[col].map(convert_to_float)


The logic I came up with is to move those rows up i guess n-1 if date column is NaN i don't know if this logic is right or not.Can anyone help me to sort out this properly?

I tried pandas groupby and aggregation functions but it only merging the whole data and removing NaN and duplicate dates which is not suitable because every entry is necessary.

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