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[Tkinter] Anyone know what happened to my button?
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[Tkinter] Anyone know what happened to my button?
Hello good afternoon I am making an interface that can show the data of the xbee connected via usb.

I followed several videos that I have seen on informational pills, which have helped me get here.

But I have come to a problem, which I have not been able to get out.

I want to make a button that when I strip it, it sends a message to all the xbes of the network (that if it does) and this signal will start the reception of data. What I mean is that after removing the button, I will also start receiving data from the xbees.

I want to present this data on screen.

That is why I call a function and that function will give me the voltage date and time data, they are all strings and all those I indicate as StringVar (). And then I print it on some labels.


The button does not appear to me and the data is not printed on the labels.

You should mention that the button does appear to me if I "tie it to the root" but I did a FRAME to put all the labels there and I wanted to put the button there and it did not appear.

#-----------------------------Se importan las librerias------------------------------

from tkinter import*
from digi.xbee.devices import XBeeDevice

#-----------------------------Se inicializan Variables y puertos-----------------

BAUD_RATE = 9600
device = XBeeDevice(PORT, BAUD_RATE)

#-----------------------------Se crea la pantalla principal--------------------

raiz.title("Sistema de Monitoreo de Paneles Solares del SESLab")

width_of_window = 600
height_of_window = 280

screen_width = raiz.winfo_screenwidth()
screen_height = raiz.winfo_screenheight()

x_coordinate = (screen_width/2)-(width_of_window/2)
y_coordinate = (screen_height/2)-(height_of_window/2)

raiz.geometry("%dx%d+%d+%d" % (width_of_window, height_of_window, x_coordinate, y_coordinate ))

miframe=Frame(raiz,width="1200",height="600" )

#-----------------------------Valores por Mostrar en la Pantallas-----------------


#------------------------------Cuadros donde se muestran datos-----------------------

cuadroVisual1=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual1.grid(row=1, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual2=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual2.grid(row=2, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual3=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual3.grid(row=4, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual4=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual4.grid(row=5, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual5=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual5.grid(row=6, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual6=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20)
cuadroVisual6.grid(row=7, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

cuadroVisual7=Label(miframe, textvariable=fecha, fg="black",justify="center", relief ="ridge", width=20, anchor= CENTER)
cuadroVisual7.grid(row=9, column= 1, padx= 2, pady=5)

#---------------------------Cuadros donde esta el Texto------------------------

miLabel1=Label(miframe, text="Sistema de monitoreo de Paneles del SESLab", font=18)
miLabel1.grid(row=0, column= 0, padx= 5, pady=5, columnspan= 2)

nombrePanel2=Label(miframe, text="Fecha de medición : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel2.grid(row=1, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel3=Label(miframe, text="Hora de medición : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel3.grid(row=2, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel4=Label(miframe, text="Voltage de Panel 1 : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel4.grid(row=4, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel5=Label(miframe, text="Voltage de Panel 2 : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel5.grid(row=5, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel6=Label(miframe, text="Voltage de Panel 3 : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel6.grid(row=6, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel7=Label(miframe, text="Promedio : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel7.grid(row=7, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

nombrePanel8=Label(miframe, text="Panel con Menor Voltaje : ", relief ="raised")
nombrePanel8.grid(row=9, column= 0, padx= 2, pady=5)

#------------------------Función que manda un mensaje Broadcast a Xbees---------
#------------------------Mensaje recibido----------------------------------------

def codigoIniciar():
    DATA_TO_SEND = "Hola XBee!"
        while True:
            xbee_message = device.read_data()
            if xbee_message is not None:
                data =
        if device is not None and device.is_open():

#--------------------Boton que llama a la función CodigoIniciar--------------

botonEnvio=Button(miframe, text=" Iniciar " ,command=codigoIniciar)
botonEnvio.grid(row=10, column= 10, padx= 5, pady=5, columnspan= 2, )

#----------------Loop de la ventana  --------------


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