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Read file, reformat and write new file
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Read file, reformat and write new file

I'm new to coding and struggling with a file that will take me an age to do manually.

I have a file C:\file.txt in format at the bottom. I would like to run a script that reads the file at bottom and outputs in this format to a new file.

Aaron View Residential Home30 beds, Contact, Owner: Mrs Karalia, Phone: 0114 286 9753, Email: [email protected], Website: \n
Abberton Manor Nursing Home26 beds, Contact, Owner: Mrs Hooper, Phone: 01206 735590, Email: [email protected], Website: \n

An excerpt of the original file C:\file.txt is here ....

Aaron View Residential Home30 beds
Owner: Mrs Karalia

Phone: 0114 286 9753
Email: [email protected]
Abberton Manor Nursing Home26 beds
Owner: Mrs Hooper

Phone: 01206 735590
Email: [email protected]
Abbey Court Nursing Home22 beds
Owner: Mr & Mrs Persand

Phone: 01474 854136
Email: [email protected]
Abbey Dale House Nursing Home26 beds
Owner: Mr Nadin

Phone: 01492 530955
Email: [email protected]

Many thanks
Please read:
We will be glad to help, but you must make an effort.

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