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Reading and storing a line of output from pexpect child
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Reading and storing a line of output from pexpect child
I'm new to learning pexpect and regex and I'm having some trouble figuring out how to get the output of a command I send and store it in a variable, but for the entire output of that command - I only want to store the rest of 1 specific line after a certain word.

To illustrate - say I have a command that outputs hundreds of lines that all represent certain details of a specific product.

    Color: Maroon Red
    Height: 187cm
    Number Of Seats: 6
    Number Of Wheels: 4
    Material: Aluminum
    Brand: Toyota 
    #and hundreds of more lines...
I want to parse the entire output of the command that I sent which print the details above and only store the material of the product in a variable.

Right now I have something like:

    child.sendline('some command that lists details')
    variable = child.expect(["Material: .*"])
The sendline and expect prompt parts list the details correctly and all, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to parse the output of that command, look for a part that says "Material: " and only store the Aluminum string in a variable.

Right now from playing around I have the variable equal to the value 0 which I guess would be used to verify if a string exists in the output, but I want to access the actual output as a variable and ignore everything after finding a certain string and only include what's after that string on the line for which the the string is located on.

So instead of having variable equal to and print a value of 0, it should instead print the word "Aluminum".

Is there a way to do this using regex? I'm trying to get used to using regex expressions so I would prefer a solution using that but if not, I'd still appreciate any help!

I'm also editing my code in vim and using linux if that helps.


I found something online like:

[\n\r].*Object Name:\s*([^\n\r]*)
which would get the stuff after Object Name: but I wasn't sure how I would store this in my code. Would I do something like:

variable = exp.expect([\n\r].*Object Name:\s*([^\n\r]*)) 

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