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Senior Data Scientist in Torrance, CA [USD 80K to 145K]
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Senior Data Scientist in Torrance, CA [USD 80K to 145K]
Do you enjoy problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and technology? Are you interested in working in a collaborative, friendly environment? If so, we invite you to consider working as a data scientist at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance! Our team is responsible for a broad range of data, research, and analytical projects.

We build products and knowledge to help business leaders make better, data-driven decisions. The Advanced Technology Group requires analytic agility, the ability to quickly learn new modeling/ machine learning techniques, programming languages, and see how these ideas can integrate to optimize the business.

This role reports to the Director of Research and Development and is responsible for leading the use of data to build business and customer-facing products for Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA Corporation. This includes the coding and development of tools that use machine learning/ predictive modeling to identify driving behavior patterns and other behaviors, searching for and integrating new data (both internal and external) that improves our modeling and machine learning results (and ultimately our decisions), and discovery of solutions to business problems that can be solved using machine learning/predictive modeling.

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