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Replace String in multiple text-files [SOLVED]
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Replace String in multiple text-files [SOLVED]
Hello everybody,

In a previous post I got help to find a string in a text-file, replace it with an increasing number and save it:

import re

target = "String"

def str_counter(match_object):
    str_counter.count += 1
    return str(str_counter.count)
str_counter.count = 0

with open('input.txt', 'r') as file :
  filedata =

filedata = re.sub(re.escape(target), str_counter, filedata)

a_file = open("input.txt", "w")
text = filedata
print(text, file=a_file)
Now I would like to expand this and do this for every txt-file inside a folder. Is there a way to go through the whole directory, open every file, replace the string with an increasing counter and then save it to the same file? With my posted code I am able to do this for the one specified file but I'd like to do this for every text-file.

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Replace String in multiple text-files [SOLVED] - by AlphaInc - Aug-06-2021, 10:20 PM

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