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[Tkinter] Make my button text update?
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[Tkinter] Make my button text update?
So i have an integer 'bankValue' that is increased by a function 'addToBank'.

The buttons text displays 'bankValue', and should update upon click, but doesn't.

from tkinter import *
import tkinter.messagebox as mb
import os

# the in-game bank value, your total 'currency'
bankValue = 0

# function that decides how much to add to bankValue
def addToBank(amount):
    global bankValue
    bankValue += amount

# "gameWindow" = tk interface
gameWindow = Tk()

# heightxwidth of interface

# title on top bar
gameWindow.title("WTFIT v0.05")

# button click = bankValue + amount (amount can be changed)
button1 = Button(gameWindow, command=addToBank(1), text=bankValue, width = 10, height = 2, bg = 'cyan')

# placement of button, y=25)

# shows whats happening
I want the button to increase the value of 'bankValue', and display it as well.
I don't need it to display on the button either, if I can have that number display anywhere that would be awesome.

Thank you!
- Skata100
The easiest way to do this is make bankValue a StringVar or IntVar. In this example I make it a StringVar so I can format it to have two decimal places.
import tkinter as tk

def addToBank(amount):
    balance = float(bankValue.get()) + amount
    bankValue .set(f'{balance:.2f}')

gameWindow = tk.Tk()
bankValue = tk.StringVar()
button1 = tk.Button(gameWindow, command=lambda:addToBank(1.25), textvariable=bankValue)

This code sets your callback function to None.
command is None because addToBank(1) calls the function and uses the return value (None) and the value for command. You probably wanted this:
But this does not provide an argument for "amount" in addToBank(). You could get around this by providing a default value for amount.
def addToBank(amount=1.25):
    balance = float(bankValue.get()) + amount
    bankValue .set(f'{balance:.2f}')
You can also use a lambda expression to bind an argument to the function. The same kind of thing can be done using functools.partial

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