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Strange error ValueError: dimension mismatch
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Strange error ValueError: dimension mismatch
I have to test word2vector model for text data similarity it generate this kind of error ValueError: dimension mismatch

from keras.preprocessing.text import Tokenizer
from keras.preprocessing.sequence import pad_sequences
# reading Glove word embeddings into a dictionary with "word" as key and values as word vectors
embeddings_index = dict()
with open("D:\Clustering\glove.6B.100d.txt", 'r', encoding="utf8") as file:
    for line in file:
        values = line.split()
        word = values[0]
        coefs = np.asarray(values[1:], dtype='float32')
        embeddings_index[word] = coefs
# creating embedding matrix, every row is a vector representation from the vocabulary indexed by the tokenizer index. 
for word,i in tokenizer.word_index.items():
    embedding_vector = embeddings_index.get(word)
    if embedding_vector is not None:
        embedding_matrix[i] = embedding_vector
# calculating average of word vectors of a document weighted by tf-idf
# instead of creating document-word embeddings, directly creating document embeddings
for i in range(documents_df.shape[0]):
    for j in range(len(words)):
Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:/Clustering/text-cluster-master/", line 156, in <module> document_embeddings[i] += embedding_matrix[tokenizer.word_index[words[j]]] * tfidf_vectors[i][j] File "D:\Python3.8.0\Python\lib\site-packages\scipy\sparse\", line 550, in __rmul__ return (self.transpose() * tr).transpose() File "D:\Python3.8.0\Python\lib\site-packages\scipy\sparse\", line 498, in __mul__ raise ValueError('dimension mismatch') ValueError: dimension mismatch

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