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Search string in mutliple .gz files
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Search string in mutliple .gz files
(Aug-25-2021, 08:47 AM)DeaD_EyE Wrote:
(Aug-25-2021, 04:18 AM)ndc85430 Wrote: What's the reason for reimplementing zgrep?

Reimplementing it in Python is better like this:

import subprocess

def zgrep(file, pattern):
    proc = subprocess.Popen(["zgrep", pattern, file], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
    for line in proc.stdout:
        yield line.decode(errors="replace")
Code, which utilizes zgrep, does not run on Windows.
In addition, it adds a dependency to Python + it's not Python.

The next could be, why to implement cat, sort, awk, sed, ... if we already have them on our machines?
The increase of non-pythonic solutions:

Output: python3 ./ path_to_directory matching_text
Yes, what could this mean?
Have you tried python3 ./ --help

It's the normal way how command line tools are controlled. They take options, arguments and parameters.
If you want to list a directory on Linux, you could type: ls -l /

The -l is an option and the / is an argument and points to the target directory which ls should show.

I have tried with python3 still same output - Can you please provide complete code to execute from my end?

$ python3 ./
python3 ./ path_to_directory matching_text

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