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Problem in saving .xlsm (excel) file using pandas dataframe in python
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Problem in saving .xlsm (excel) file using pandas dataframe in python
I have two macro excel files(.xlsm file) with different information. I have written the python code that basically checks certain fields, and if that certain field is present then it saves in one folder, otherwise if that field is absent then it saves in another folder. I don't want any information removed from that excel file. I just wanted if that field is present then save the original file into that folder, otherwise save the original file in other folder. Code is not giving any error. But when I check the saved file, it is showing this error. Image Attached. Any help???

For testing, Input Files(.xlsm) are attached here

from pathlib import Path
import time
import parser
import argparse
import pandas as pd
import os
import warnings


parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Process some integers.")

parser.add_argument("path", help="define the directory to folder/file")
parser.add_argument("--verbose", help="display processing information")

start = time.time()

def main(path_xlsm, verbose):
    if (".xlsm" in str(path_xlsm).lower()) and path_xlsm.is_file():
        xlsm_files = [Path(path_xlsm)]
        xlsm_files = list(Path(path_xlsm).glob("*.xlsm"))

    df = pd.DataFrame()
    for fn in xlsm_files:
        all_dfs = pd.read_excel(fn, sheet_name=None, header=None, engine="openpyxl")
        list_data = all_dfs.keys()
        all_dfs.pop("Lookups", None)
        all_dfs.pop("Instructions For Use", None)
        all_dfs.pop("Drop Down Boxes", None)
        all_dfs.pop("ResolutionLookups", None)
        for ws in list_data:  # Looping for excel sheet
            df1 = all_dfs[ws]
            if df1.iloc[3, 0] == "Client Representative" and df1.iloc[4, 1] == "DATE" and df1.iloc[4, 3] == "SHIFT":
                path_save = "C:\\Users\\ShantanuGupta\\Desktop\\Incoming\\Peel"
                df.to_excel(os.path.join(path_save, f"{}"), index=False)
                path_save = "C:\\Users\\ShantanuGupta\\Desktop\\Incoming\\Resolution"
                df.to_excel(os.path.join(path_save, f"{}"), index=False)
if __name__ == "__main__":
    start = time.time()
    args = parser.parse_args()
    path = Path(args.path)
    verbose = args.verbose
    main(path, verbose)  # Calling Main Function
    print("Processed time:", time.time() - start)  # Total Time 

Attached Files

.py (Size: 1.84 KB / Downloads: 89)
The attachment you provide, is your python script, not the excel files.
(Aug-29-2021, 09:41 AM)shantanu97 Wrote: it is showing this error. Image Attached.
There is no image attached.

In you link with the .xlsm there is a problem with PEEL v2.0 UNLOCKED1.xlsm file.
When you ask people to test your code make it easier to do so,not use a path with your username in it.
import pandas as pd

fn = 'PEEL v2.0 UNLOCKED1.xlsm'
#fn = 'XtendTemplate_v125082021.xlsm' #Ok
df = pd.read_excel(fn, sheet_name=None, header=None, engine="openpyxl")
{'Sheet1': Empty DataFrame Columns: [] Index: []}
If i open PEEL v2.0 UNLOCKED1.xlsm in excel an save it again then i get work.
Then i get both files to move to there folders(make my own path),
and there is no need to save if do nothing with files,just move them.

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