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twisted: catch return from sql
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twisted: catch return from sql
hi all,

I got this function inside twisted...

    def get_or_create_node_id(self,node_name):
            record_exists = yield self.db.runQuery("SELECT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM nodes WHERE name = %s)", (node_name))
        except ConnectionError:
            log.error("db interaction failed due to connection error")
        if record_exists[0] == '1':
  "creating new nodes entry {node_name}", node_name=node_name)
                yield self.db.runQuery("INSERT INTO nodes (name) VALUES ('%s')", (node_name))
                node_id = yield self.db.runQuery("select LAST_INSERT_ID()")
            except ConnectionError:
                log.error("db interaction failed due to connection error")
record_exists[0] returns this...

2021-09-01T17:46:39+0200 [stdout#info] (1,)
how can i use this in an if statement to check if the record already exists...i dont get it, not even sure if this a tuple...

  if record_exists[0] == '1':
Update: solved this by switching to pymysql's dict cursor...much cleaner output

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