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Python Programmer looking for work
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Python Programmer looking for work
To all,
I have somewhat of an awkward background with a MS and a Phd (abd) in Molecular Biology worth 20+ years of intense research experience at some World renowned institutes and high octane research environments. I went back and got a Data Science certificate and finished in Nov 2020 and absolutely loved it and realized that I liked code better than Experimental Biology. I probably applied to over 500 jobs and finally got hired to teach Python. They have started me out very well, but it is a new company and students are not that abundant, yet, and they have encouraged me to "recruit" students, and advertise my courses. I am also teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics online, and I work when I want. However, I would like a ONE full time, hopefully remote job, that pays well.
Python is my favorite language that I learned, however, I learned, R, SQL, Tableau, Hadoop, AWS, Inferential Stats, Machine learning, etc. Yes, I have applied to Bioinformatical and computational Biology jobs. It seems like my best shot is getting an entry level Data Analyst position, although, to actually get my resume in the hands of the hiring manager, and get hired, is tough, and people with just a BS in CS will get the job before me, even though, what I did, would probably suffice for something along the lines of a "post-bac", or even a MS.
Thus, what I am doing here, is putting this out here to see if anyone would like to hire me.

Best, John

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You might want to consider working for the government.

There are a large number of bioinformatics jobs available, and if you apply, you are likely to get interviewed.
Can't beat the benefits.

Google: 'us government jobs bioinformatics' (brings up a great list)

I didn't choose this route (government jobs), but have friends who did, and now enjoy great pensions.

FYI: I started in engineering, and ended up (intentionally in computer science)

good luck in your pursuit.

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