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Tkinter | entry output.
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Tkinter | entry output.
Good night forum. Let me help in times of crisis. I write the key in the first line, but this key knocks out to me not in the second line, but in the terminal. How could you solve this problem? I hope for your understanding and patience. Thanks for the opportunity to get help from you. The backup copy of the script is at the bottom:

from tkinter import *
import tkinter as tk

root = Tk()


fruit_r_to_e = {'яблоко':'apple', "ананас":'pineapple'}
fruit_e_to_r = {"apple": "яблоко", "pineapple": "ананас"}

mystring = tk.StringVar()
mystring1 = tk.StringVar()    

def getvalue():
    global mystring, fruit_e_to_r, fruit_r_to_e

    string = mystring.get()

    if string in fruit_e_to_r:
    elif string in fruit_r_to_e:

        print('This word is not in the dictionary')

def info():
    global mystring1

name = Label(root, text='Введите слово по-русски: ')

entry = tk.Entry(root, textvariable = mystring)

button_get = tk.Button(root, text='Перевести', command=getvalue)

label_data = Label(root, fg='red')
label_data.pack(side=LEFT, pady=10)

entry = tk.Entry(root, textvariable=mystring1)

label = Label(root, text='Английский язык')

The line global mystring, fruit_e_to_r, fruit_r_to_e is not required
to change the value of the entry that uses tk.StringVar mystring1 use it's set method

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