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Compare two Excel sheets with Python and list diffenrences
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Compare two Excel sheets with Python and list diffenrences
I have issue with my program. The aim of this program is to compare two Excel sheets and then list (display/print) differences in another sheet called resultats.
I have an error with the sort values.
These data frames are divided in 7 seven columns : Radical, Name, Parent, Trigram, Conuntry, GPC App Settings, Type.
You can add whatever data you want
Please how can I improve the code ?

Here's the code down below :
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

# Define the diff function to show the changes in each field
def report_diff(x):
    return x[0] if x[0] == x[1] else '{} ---> {}'.format(*x)

# We want to be able to easily tell which rows have changes
def has_change(row):
    if "--->" in row.to_string():
        return "Y"
        return "N"

# Read in both excel files
df1 = pd.read_excel('Desktop/Modele_Tiers_Exemple.xlsx', 'tiersM-1', na_values=['NA'])
df2 = pd.read_excel('Desktop/Modele_Tiers_Exemple.xlsx', 'tiersM', na_values=['NA'])

# Make sure we order by account number so the comparisons work

# Create a panel of the two dataframes
diff_panel = pd.Panel(dict(df1=df1,df2=df2))

#Apply the diff function
diff_output = diff_panel.apply(report_diff, axis=0)

# Flag all the changes
diff_output['has_change'] = diff_output.apply(has_change, axis=1)

#Save the changes to excel but only include the columns we care about
diff_output[(diff_output.has_change == 'Y')].to_excel('Desktop/Resultats.xlsx',index=False,columns=["Radical",
                                                      " Name","Parent","Trigram","Country","GPC App Settings", "Type"]) 

Attached Files

.xlsx   Modele_Tiers_Exemple.xlsx (Size: 10.09 KB / Downloads: 309)
you can use pandas, see:

The code provided on post above:
import pandas as pd

df1 = pd.read_excel('excel1.xlsx')
df2 = pd.read_excel('excel2.xlsx')

difference = df1[df1!=df2]
print difference

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