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PyQt5 or tk
Hello Py Community, I hope the weekend is seeing you all alive and well.
I have a quick question, recommendation request:

I've been working through some tutorials lately and am starting with using GUIs in python. Some tuts use PyQt5 others Tk.
I have almost no experience with either of them. Would some of you more experienced minds mind giving some pros and cons of each, which you prefer and why etc.
I'd hate to spend too much time on one and then realize the other is more appropriate.

For context, I'll be assimilating these scripts into a PHP heavy webdev project. I'm using MySQL at the moment but I do have a good tutorial on MangoDB so eventually I'll be figuring out what to do here if anything. Most likely I'll stay with MySQL since all my PHP is written around that. I'm not sure how easily MangoDB and MySQL work together if at all, and I won't know until I start learning about MangoDB.

But for now I'm most interested in getting some experienced wisdom from you folks concerning which GUI modules to spend time learning about.

choosing a GUI library
(Nov-06-2021, 04:12 PM)Yoriz Wrote: choosing a GUI library

Yea, apologies, I know better. I should have looked first.
Thanks though

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