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Programming as a not so smart guy
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Programming as a not so smart guy
I've always had the impression that programming for the most part is a "Smart guy thing" that has and is generally reserved for the more intellectually gifted ones in our society. Obviously this is true in some cases but maybe not so much in other situations. I work as a technical consultant and has had that as my working title since 2018. I want to become a programmer some day but I have still yet to make the leap for it. I am sort of the antidote to the smart guy. Most if not all of my success in the tech world stems from repeated trial and error. I am somewhat slow when learning new things and I have to work at it to get things done.

Seeing this, I know I have a long way to go but I still have big ambitions for the future. The idea of working on something meaningful either alone or in teams motivates me to move forward. I find programming to be especially joyous when life gets rough and I can get an escape by digging into code.

These days I mostly use SQL and Python. I use sql at work to dig into customer databases and "crud" various different objects that needs to be altered. Nothing fancy, just the basic stuff to get my tasks done.

Python I use at home for my own projects. I mainly make games. Although I want to make more advanced programs in the future. I have some projects converted to .exe that I can share with anyone that has a windows pc.

What do you guys think? Is programming mostly for the gifted people or can you train yourself to be good enough to land a job as a programmer?
Personally, I find it that the more experienced someone is, the better they are at programming. And, well, this is probably assuming average intelligence.

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