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New Users Introduce Yourself
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New Users Introduce Yourself
Welcome aboard, all new members!
Hi, New to this forum and only a year or so into python but been programming for many years using many languages. Working on building an app using Flask framework and Neo4J database. My intent is to leverage a number of productivity APIs (e,g, google) linguistic and ML APIs and produce a unique approach to "keeping my ducks in a row".

I expect that I will need some help getting wise on using Flask and Oauth2 in a Ubuntu/Apache environment so starting to reach out and maybe find the best places to post to find the smartest folks.

Looking forward to reading and sharing
There is an excellent Flask tutorial (sans Neo4J) here:
The link contains additional links for all videos in tutorial.
A new version is available for a small fee here:
(Aug-19-2021, 01:03 AM)Larz60+ Wrote: There is an excellent Flask tutorial (sans Neo4J) here:
The link contains additional links for all videos in tutorial.
A new version is available for a small fee here:

Thanks Larz60 - will check those out.
Hello, I'm relatively new to Python. My background is in Physics (MSc level) and Systems Engineering. I am studying UK A Level Computer Science for fun (??!!) and to keep mentally active now that I am retired and 70 years old.

I understand everything I've learned apart from coding which is difficult for me, as you might see from my first posting, nothing is intuitive! I get a great feeling when something works correctly but it becomes a real drag when I can't see through a problem. I guess we are all like that!

I use a number of books but the best places to learn seem to be freely available online...amazing!
Python is an interesting Programming language to learn.
Python is easier to read, write, and learn than most other major programming languages. Python's efficient syntax allows programmers to get up and running fast, and pack logic into compact scripts. Python is also an interpreted programming language.
This is why you should learn Python. I got information on How long does it take to learn Python?

I've recently (less than 1 year) discovered python and start to use it, I'm quite enjoying it, but still at basic level.
I need to learn more and quicker!
Check the tutorials forum for subjects of interest.
Hi, I am new to Python as well as this forum. I worked 40+ years on mid-range systems like IBM S/34, S/36, S/38, AS/400 (= IBM i now). I mostly programmed in COBOL, RPG, SQL, CL and MI. I was looking for a new language to learn, which would be viable for regular systems as well as micro controllers and I found Python! On the IBM platform I worked before, almost no external frameworks or tools (GITHUB) were available. The variety of available addons and tools for Python is therefore still a little confusing for me. I am here to learn which tools/addons are most recommended for which requirement.
There is no list (as far as I know), I guess the closest thing would be where most packages can be found.
These will generally link to GitHub where the actual package exists, and generally contains installation instructions (usually with pip)

Be aware that there is no ranking as to which is best, understandable as my best may well be different from yours.

There are however clues that you can look for:
  • Last date updated. Shows if package is actively maintained.
    But again, if most of the kinks have been worked out updates will not be so close together.
  • Trending - can show what is more popular.
  • Relevance - can help you find a package close to your request.

After using python, you will notice a trend towards one package or another, simply by how wide spread it's use is.

Some stand out, Pandas, Beautifulsoup, Requests, to name a few.

Also, if you see something you like, ask about it on this forum.

hope this is helpful.
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