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New Users Introduce Yourself
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New Users Introduce Yourself

Just posting this as a "please don't remove my account" kinda thing.

I've been using Python for some time, but I consider myself as a beginner. I've written a couple of GUI (Tkinter) apps as well as some shell / CLI based ones and want to improve my coding skills.

Moved here from a 'not so friendly' Forum, so I hope that I'll get a better reception here.

Have a good day you all.

edit: just to test for posting some code...

print("A simple vending machine\n")

coffee = 10
tea = 10

while tea > 0 or coffee > 0:
    print("Remaining Tea:",tea)
    print("Remaining Coffee:",coffee)
    print("\nWhat would you like?\n(1) Tea\n(2) Coffee")
    selection = input("> ")
    if selection == '1':
        if tea > 0:
            print("\nHere is your Tea\n")
            tea -= 1
            print("\nI'm sorry, but we're all out of Tea\n")
    elif selection == '2':
        if coffee > 0:
            print("\nHere is your Coffee\n")
            coffee -= 1
            print("\nI'm sorry, but we're all out of Coffee\n")        
    print("Remaining Tea:",tea)
    print("Remaining Coffee:",coffee)    
    print("Sold out")
none that I know of
>>> import this

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