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[Tkinter] ttk extension (Tutorial Series)
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[Tkinter] ttk extension (Tutorial Series)
As an Add-on to my Tkinter Series, I recently came up with a ttk tutorial series.

ttk is a special extension of the Tkinter GUI library. ttk basically stands for Themed Tkinter, as it provides theming and styling support for Tkinter.

The ttk module comes bundled with 18 widgets, out of which 12 are already present in Tkinter. Importing ttk over-writes these widgets with new ones which are designed to have a better and more modern look across all platforms.

The 6 new widgets:

1. Notebook
2. Treeview
3. Separator
4. Sizegrip
5. Combobox
6. ProgressBar
FYI: Although almost 10 years old, John Shipmens tkinter reference is still the most comprehensive guide available (that I know of).
Ypu can download a copy here: Tkinter 8.5 reference: a GUI for Python
There is a complete section of ttk.

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