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How to get list of exactly 10 items?
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How to get list of exactly 10 items?
I'm getting a traceback on this line:

ValueError: The number of FixedLocator locations (9), usually from a call to set_ticks, does not match the number of ticklabels (10).

btstats has a row for every trading day over three years. xtick_labels_converted is a list of 10 evenly spaced dates across the 3-year interval including the starting and ending date.

.set_xticks(a,b) has a as tick locations (a list) and b as tick labels (also a list).

The idea is to get evenly spaced date labels along the x-axis to include all 10 dates in xtick_labels_converted.

I fiddled around with this and got it to work with the -1. What I didn't realize is that while it worked for that particular len(btstats.index), it doesn't work for all as the size of btstats changes. I'm realizing that now with this diagnostic:

for i in range(11,721,5):
    a = list(range(1,i,i//(len(xtick_labels_converted))))
    print(f'Length of list is {len(a)}:  {a}')
Floor division obviously isn't working out because depending on the length of list a, I'm getting length of list anywhere between 10-15. I need exactly 10 to avoid that ValueError mismatch.

Dividing by 10 would leave a variable remainder most times and being a date, the 10th label can't go in variable places... it has to come n days after 1, which is 1/2/2017.

What's a better way to ensure I get 10 evenly spaced tick locations including the first and last?
This seems to work:

Hopefully that's a stable solution.

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