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select files such as text file
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select files such as text file
Hi I want to find and select files that has the same word in my text list for example choose and select
In folder:
because I have the V20190101 in my text file that is like this:
note: it should be same and match exactly with all of the word (V20190101) not just 20190101


and save them in another place ( for example new folder2)
This is how I would do it:
import os
import shutil

with open ("pattern_list.txt") as pattern_list_file :
	pattern_data = ()
pattern_list = pattern_data.split ('\n') [:-1]

file_name_list = [file_name for file_name in os.listdir ("old_dir")]

for file_name in file_name_list :
	for pattern in pattern_list :
		if pattern in file_name :
			shutil.move ("old_dir/" + file_name, "new_dir/"+ file_name)
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thank you

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