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find some word in text list file and a bit change to them
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find some word in text list file and a bit change to them
I need to find some word in my text list file for example V_20220412 in

then i want to omit " _" so then , it is like this: V20220412
and then i want to get one day before this date : V20220411
after doing these steps for all rows in text list file ,I want to save them in another text file like this:
Use "re" (regular expression) to find the desired string. Use "datetime" to do date arithmetic.
Show us your program, and we will help you.
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Are you searching for exactly V_20220412or do you need every occurrence of an eight character sequence that begins withV_or something else?
first of all i appreciate your help (you and ibreeden) and as you can see in my file names in text list file (below) the date repeated 2 times in every file names (in fore example text list file) but with different times (T= time) i need just date with letter V before because i need the text file that you named it before : "pattern_list.txt" ( your previous code for solving my previous post ) in
so i know you understand what i exactly need (good job) .i have tried to say my problem in two parts(2 posts) because i say these 2 posts in one question , many times ago and i cannot get answer of any body.
so for every rows in my text list file (or every file name) , i need to find just one repeated date joined with V and then subtract one day fore all of them (so it should be formatted as date ):

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