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[PyQt] QLineEdit Caret (Text Cursor) Transparency
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[PyQt] QLineEdit Caret (Text Cursor) Transparency
I noticed that if I set the background color of a QLineEdit, the caret (text cursor) becomes invisible. Setting the foreground color does nothing for the caret. So, this:
setStyleSheet("QLineEdit{background-color: Gray; color: Black}")
just sets the background color and the text color, the caret is invisible/transparent. I haven't tested yet, but I'm pretty sure I can work around this with setTextColor(), so it's not the end of the world, I'd just like to do it via a style sheet. I am on PyQt6 v6.4.0.

Any ideas how to set caret and text color via a style sheet?
does it have to be that gray? using the word Gray uses #808080

using #707070 the cursor is visible

setStyleSheet("background-color: #707070; color: black;")
Interesting, @Axel_Erfurt. That's all well and good (and no, I'm not married to the color), but why doesn't the cursor adhere to the foreground color? Black text shows up just fine with gray. So, I guess my next question is how do you change cursor color via a stylesheet?
Okaay... I've been reading (yesterday's troubleshooting involved glossing over) and it looks like in versions of Qt since at least 5.8 the text cursor is related to the background color (which my experience finds). It seems Qt inverts the cursor based on background color. So, a white background will give you a black cursor, black gives white, red gives blue, etc. setTextColor() is said not to change cursor color being it's tied to the background. The solution I found is a QPaintEvent. So, that's my findings.
The only text widget in PyQt where you can easily change the cursor color is probably QScintilla.

That and a QTextEdit may be the ONLY widgets that can have their text cursor changed. Turns out I was wrong before. I have been searching all day, and the best I can do is change the rect that contains the cursor. The cursor on a QLineEdit may just be hardcoded. Stylesheets change the color, but there's no clear way to change it via code. So, I must admit defeat.

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