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Basic SQL query using Py: Inserting or querying sqlite3 database not returning data
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Basic SQL query using Py: Inserting or querying sqlite3 database not returning data
Hello, can someone assist here please:
When I run the program below, I expect table to be created and record inserted into the database.
However when I query database, it displays no records.

Please let me know if you can point out what is missing here from either query or insert operation.

Thank you,

import sqlite3
def insert():

	connection_obj = sqlite3.connect('apix.db')
	cursor_obj = connection_obj.cursor()
	cursor_obj.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS APIX")
	table = """ CREATE TABLE APIX (
			); """
	print("Table is Ready. Now I will insert...")
	connection_obj.execute ("""INSERT INTO APIX (IP,Date) VALUES ("","03/03/01")""")

def query():

	connection_obj = sqlite3.connect('apix.db')
	cursor_obj = connection_obj.cursor()
	statement = '''SELECT * FROM APIX'''
	output = cursor_obj.fetchall()
	for row in output:
	return output

(venv) [email protected] venv % python
Table is Ready. Now I will insert...
(venv) [email protected] venv %
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You need to commit in the insert() (i.e. after changing the DB - CREATE, INSERT, etc.) , not in query() (i.e. SELECT - what do you commit after selecting?)
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My bad, once I posted, I verified the commit in the wrong code block. Thanks all for the replies.

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