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[Tkinter] Different rows colours in treeview tkinter
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[Tkinter] Different rows colours in treeview tkinter
I have a treeview wich is populated from an sql DB:

        def fetch_data():
            con = pymysql.connect(host='localhost', user='root', password='*', database='*')
            cur = con.cursor()
            cur.execute('select  Var60,'
                        'Var61, Var62, Var63, Var64, Var65, Var66, Var67, Var68, Var69, Var70, operator from prices order by crt desc')
            rows = cur.fetchall()

            if rows != 0:

                for row in rows:
                    if self.Var79 == 'A':
                        table.insert("", END, values=row, tags='Blue')
                        table.insert("", END, values=row, tags='White')

 style = ttk.Style()
                  background=[('selected', 'blue')])

        view_frame = Frame(data_frame, bd=5, relief='flat', bg='#D9E9EC'), y=25, width=1185, height=300)
        x_scroll = Scrollbar(view_frame, orient=HORIZONTAL)
        y_scroll = Scrollbar(view_frame, orient=VERTICAL)
        table = ttk.Treeview(view_frame, xscrollcommand=x_scroll.set, yscrollcommand=y_scroll.set, columns=(
            'Var61', 'Var62', 'Var63', 'Var64', 'Var65', 'Var66', 'Var67', 'Var68', 'Var69', 'Var70'))

        x_scroll.pack(side=BOTTOM, fill=X)
        y_scroll.pack(side=RIGHT, fill=Y)
        table.tag_configure('Blue', background="blue")
        table.tag_configure('White', background="white")

        table.heading("Var60", text="Var60")
        table.heading("Var61", text="Var61")
        table.heading("Var62", text="Var62")
        table.heading("Var63", text="Var63")
        table.heading("Var64", text="Var64")
        table.heading("Var65", text="Var65")
        table.heading("Var66", text="Var66")
        table.heading("Var67", text="Var67")
        table.heading("Var68", text="Var68")
        table.heading("Var69", text="Var69")

        table['show'] = 'headings'
        table.bind('<ButtonRelease-1>', focus)
        table.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=1)
Why for matching criteria (self.Var79) the tags are not blue?
tag = is a tuple.

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