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Reading data from excel file –> process it >>then write to another excel output file
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Reading data from excel file –> process it >>then write to another excel output file
Hello dear pythonians ,

I have an excel file which containers qr code each in separate line ( see photo attached)
I need to do some processing to extract the data from these QR codes then write the results in another excel file which container the final data after processing.

I have written most of the code except the final stage( write and append to final excel file) where I got stuck :woozy_face: :cold_sweat: -

Here is the code
import pandas as pd
import openpyxl
import tlv8
import base64
#create new excel file with header for final output
df = pd.DataFrame(
                   columns=["Seller Name","Vat Number","Invoice Date","Total Amount","Vat Amount"])

# load excel containing qr code with its path for reading
wrkbk = openpyxl.load_workbook("G:\\qr.xlsx")
sh =
# iterate through QR code excel file to input the data for processing
for row in sh.iter_rows():
    for cell in row:
        rawByte = base64.b64decode(base64QR)
        str1 = rawByte.decode('UTF-8')  
        structure1 = {
            1: tlv8.DataType.STRING,
            2: tlv8.DataType.STRING,
            3: tlv8.DataType.STRING,
            4: tlv8.DataType.STRING,
            5: tlv8.DataType.STRING
        final_output = tlv8.decode(rawByte, structure1)
        Data_List = [ for entry in final_output]
        final_list = []
        for ele in Data_List:
        print(final_list) # final output is a list 
        # final output looks like below : 
        # ['Arnon Plastic Industries Co. Ltd.', '300498609900003', '2023-02-14', 4600.0, 600.0]
My question is :–

I want to loop over all QR codes and append data in a new excel file which contain the header details I already wrote at the beginning.

Here is an example of QR code for testing :–


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