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Sample training small model
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Sample training small model
I am just starting deep learning. I now have only laptop without dedicated GPU.
I search code and dataset for deep learning model in reasonable time interval.
One classic problem is handwritten letters ,but I prefer not image but other data, especially NLP. I wanna run code on my laptop and in future compare time when I buy computer with GPU.
Depending on what exactly you plan to do (you are quite vague),
a laptop may not have enough memory or processing power to be effective.
The NLP corpora can require a large amount of memory and/or disk space, But you might be ok with a smaller project.
Please elaborate on exactly what your goal is, what you have for a laptop, memory, disk space, etc.

you might want to take a look at the NLTK package here
Laptop has 1 TB whole disk (about 700 GB free), 20 GiB RAM, processor I3 8th generation, main problem is GPU build with CPU. If no NLP, is any small maybe toy problem?
i3 may be your bottleneck. Consider using Google Colab as a stopgap. You can use GPU or TPU hardware acceleration on their dime. And they have a lot of dimes.

Did an IBM course through Coursera where one assignment kept crashing on the IBM platform (you got a Watson account with the course). Moved the code to Colab and it ran just fine.

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